I feel inspired to write this now before I lose the courage. This blog is something I’ve wanted to do as soon as I realized I was going to embark on this journey into acupuncture. Its idea became the inspiration to document my journey and bring the unfamiliar concept of acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine to others through the eyes of something a tad more familiar in this western world. A nurse. And then I got blocked.

I really shouldn’t say I was blocked, that implies some barrier outside of myself stopped me, some time time crunch or scary authority figure. What it is was myself…so maybe stuck is a better word.

Stuck, going around in circles doubting myself, the ideas I have. I had ideas of what this blog should be, the standards I wanted it measured against were unreachable and the idea that others may actually read it (gasp), terrifying. I am not a person that scares easily, this is the one thing (well this and mascots) that stops me in my tracks and makes my mind says “no go no further.” I want to explore this, I want to embrace this and break through. Breakthrough the barriers holding me back, telling me I can’t. I had an idea of what the perfect first post would be, then I realized what would be more perfect in showing this journey of mine than this. All the vulnerability, the hard work, and the self doubt (hopefully) growing and blossoming.


So here I am ready. I’m not sure what this will turn into but I realized when I started this journey that I was here to discover. Not only the knowledge of the medicine but the deeper knowledge of myself.

A quote keeps coming up for me while writing this and I cannot think of a more perfect way to end this first post and begin a new adventure than with this. “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” ~Mother Teresa