Hello I’m Angela and I’ve started on a journey. You see I’ve been a Registered Nurse for 8 years now working in a variety of situations and specialities, there was one thing in common in all of them. I wanted something more for myself but most importantly my patients.

The first step was a deeper journey into my self and to get to know who I truly was as a person and as a nurse. Dig into my joys and my sorrows, my preconceived notions and my deeper inner guidence. I believe this is the first step to becoming a quality health care professional, “Know Thyself”

The second step is easier but a more complication backstory which I will explore in one of my blog posts. This step is exploring the world of Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture. I have become a student again. So I have stepped into a different world with new eyes.

This is my journey through myself and through my grad school program studying Traditional Chinese Medicine. This blog is not intended to treat or diagnosis, but to heal and inspire myself first of all. You? Well thats not up to me.

Contact Angela at agiddin1@gmail.com


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